About Bauer

Bauer was trained at Columbia University for my Masters in Social Work, and previously earned a Bachelors in Social Work from NYU. I am currently at the National Institute for Psychotherapies in their One Year Program.

Her work is focused on competencies with the queer, LGBT, asexual, trans/non-binary, poly-amorous, ethically non-monogamous, relationship anarchy, and relationship communism communities, in a sex and body positive environment.

She has been an active organizer in the asexual community, founding Aces NYC. She gives workshops, conducts research, and has worked with many people on understanding their identities. In the broader queer community, she has had years working with trans & non-binary folks personally and professionally, through transitions, medical & legal frustrations, and differentiating feelings about sexuality and gender. As a white therapist, she promises to do the work of educating herself on communities of color outside of our sessions, and makes the same promise to anyone who is part of a community she is less familiar with.

Logistical Information:


A 45 minute session is $85 and available for individuals. An hour session is $115, available for anyone, but recommended for couples, polycules, and family groups.

Cancellation Policy:

I have a 24 hour cancellation policy, this means that a cancellation within 24 hours requires full payment. However, if it is possible to reschedule within the calendar week, I waive the fee. My availability can be seen and rescheduled appointments can be made here: https://calendly.com/bauertherapy  


Rescheduling is available here: https://calendly.com/bauertherapy  at any time, for any reason. Additional time slots, earlier time slots, later time slots, etc. are all available. It should be set up to only make appointment when I am available. If you make an appointment within 24 hours and do not receive an email from me, please email me at bauercarolinetherapy@gmail.com to confirm.